Friday, September 16, 2016

Wellness and Meditation

life coaching sydney
Life Coaching Sydney helps with personal development
Life Coaching and personal development can be one of the most profound awakenings in life.

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy as any sufferer of anxiety, excessive worry or depression can attest.

Meditation and mindfulness are a way to quieten the inner workings of your mind.  When you ave achieved a level of inner peace, it is simple to take that presence and use it constructively in other situations.

Wellness Meditation

When you are upset or out of alignment with your usual self, having the inner skills to reset and refocus yourself is a great skill.

Luckily, the answer lies in meditation - and we have the tools for meditation with us everyday, all the time.  What a bonus!

Meditation can help us access a deep inner knowledge, make more conscious decisions and live with greater wellness on all levels.  Think of your mind as a lake and your thoughts as waves that wash across the lake - not changing it, but just moving through it.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Finding a Life Coach

Finding a Life Coach in Merewether

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what is life coaching

types of coaching

Personal life coaching is about connection and communication.

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find a life coach

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Find Handmade For Sale

handmade web designer
Find Handmade in Australia - #Infographic Why selling online is a boon for handmade artisans.

For emerging creative enterprises, being found in an increasingly fragmented and localized search landscape is the biggest challenge.

Handmade Web Production

For sure, you get your local sales and from followers on social media - but as for deeper penetration across the entire retail landscape - not so much.

The challenge is to recruit the right marketing action plan to bring in sustained exposure to key buying markets online - so you as creative entrepreneur are free to keep creating whilst the marketing and sales goes a little autopilot.

Yes, it can be done and yes you do need to plan and build your online shopping experience around this goal. Talk to Bren Murphy at Find Handmade to get results and elevate your handmade enterprise into an authentic online shopping powerhouse.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Newcastle Winter Solstice

view Nobbys foreshore
A Jeffrey Smartesque image of my wife pushing the buggy

Leap of Faith - fishing off Nobbys

Apparently their beak can hold more than their belly-can

Cowrie Hole - the nestle of homes facing the ocean

Newcastle Baths - with mushroom pumphouse

Apartments in Newcastle Beach #1

Apartments on Newcastle Beach #2

Apartments on Newcastle Beach #3

And this little fellow fell off his mother's back - he's been taken to the RSPC

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