Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pasha Bulker Storm Fours Years On

Four years ago a storm pushed the Pasha Bulker onto Nobbys Beach. It was a bright cold day in June, and we were completely distracted with our pink, wriggling three week old baby girl.

Having just moved house in February, the garden was a tangle of weeds with the storm flattening all but the thickest saplings, and trees.

A total contrast to today - brisk, breezy and blindingly sunny - with the clouds blown out of the sky.

See the sparks flying...

Here's some images from south Bar Beach, could see a whale spraying out the back but couldn't get it on the lens I had with me.  Nothing better than when it's offshore.

In 2007 I was stuck at work overnight, I remember the roads were impassable and cars were piled on top of each other from the force of the water.

Our house was damaged and we got a new courtyard out of it through insurance.  But the sound of the wind was unforgettable.

What is This plant?
Here's a question - have been feeding the chickens this green food and they love it - it grows easily and fast and i have some inkling that it is a native.


  1. Is it chickweed? Hard to tell from the photo. I have a picture here

  2. australia certainly looks beautiful. so wonderful that you and your wife are so active and exposing your children to such wonderful things. really trying hard to do the same thing here in america. it's sooo hot right now, though!


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