Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Backyard Chickens in Merewether

Have been researching about keeping a few chickens in the backyard.  It is such an attractive option for us to make some use of the vast amounts of kitchen waste we throw out into landfill.  And it would provide us with some eggs, which we are currently eating at a 5 eggs per breakfast scrambled eggs!  The girls just love what they call "eggies" (scrambled).

Our New Adorable Egg Producer?

So, as you would expect, round a few beers I put it to the neighbors for feedback.  Unsurprisingly, they were completely sold on the idea at the mere mention of it.  We discussed plans and sourced a site and even worked out how and when to get the materials.  We decided on two chickens per family - six chickens in all.

We have placed the chicken coop out near the rear of the house where it will get some afternoon sun and be sheltered from the prevailing southerly.  It will sit atop an old sandpit that was generously built by my father in law, but has sadly been neglected and is no longer a feature on the girls play calendar.
The Chicken Coop Palace

Now, we were at Taronga Zoo on the weekend, and we observed in the Asia section a fantastic chicken coop, complete with spotted deer and pheasants.  What we noted for the structure was plenty of food bins and solid fence posts supporting thick gauge chicken wire. It was open plan with a lovely shaded section but most of all plenty of room for birds to scratch and forage.

It would be perfect backing onto our reserve, but I will have to consult with the neighbors, as it would involve a bit further walking to service the chooks.

Will keep posting as things develop.   Bukark!!


  1. I really Love my chooks, good on you for getting everyone together!! I look forward to seeing progress pics ;)

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