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Gourmet Christmas Gift Baskets

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Hunter Valley Hampers specialize in on trend design

Christmas Hampers 2014

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A Tantalizing gourmet Selection on Offer
Christmas Hampers and Gift Baskets Look Book 2014
Luxury Premium Hampers Look Book for 2014

Christmas Xmas Baskets and Xmas Tree
Christmas Hampers for Your Business Mates in 2014

Less Wasteful Packaging for Christmas Hampers

At Hunter Valley Hampers, owners Kacy Fletcher is crystal clear where her motivation for green-conscious packaging comes from - recycling! Shortly after specializing the gift baskets and the premium hamper industry as a ground breaking entrepreneur since 2007, Ms Fletcher understands her work when it concerns sending a Xmas hamper.

And the overall state of the market when it comes to packaging and recycling where possible is rather shocking. Within a gourmet hampers Australia first, Kacy discusses how the impression of size and bulk actually works against your market value for money proposition. And exactly how some actually straightforward insider tips and tricks can guarantee you get the best pamper hamper or edible arrangements for your money this Christmas.

Too frequently gift hampers are designed to appear as large as achievable basically for appearances - with air filled packages and inner compartments filling the vast bulk of the hamper. This leads to a favorable impression on delivery, when the recipient is surprised with what may appear to be a considerable carton sitting on their doorstep.

Corporate Xmas Gifts delivered

But as the hamper carton is opened and the inner packaging and void filler is removed away, it soon becomes clear that there is just handful of items of gourmet or Christmas value within. Unfortunately, this tactic simply works because rushed and time poor business buyers simply go for the lowest cost and the biggest looking hamper arrangement. Kacy discusses exactly the reason why that will not get the job done and more in this enlightening interview.

In her time with the picnic gift basket and fruit bouquet business Kacy has seen a few of the worst instances of deceiving clients with huge boxes, loadeded with goods like crackers and crisps that are primarily air filled, then saturated in a sea cellulose peanuts. This means when you strip away all of the inner and outer packaging, you end up with a six items on your kitchen bench top and half a rubbish full of product packaging. Deciding to send a basket should not mean that you are making the choice of more packing material over the right gift hamper.

Thank you gifts and Christmas Hampers for corporate clients are especially susceptible to the in excess of wrapping complication, as the only people who really see within the hamper are the recipient - typically at a festive, especially forgiving time of year. The disappointment and head scratching of the recipient is lost in the middle of the noise and pleasure of the Christmas Season.

Fresh Fruit Hampers for Christmas Gifts

In a recent short article in the South China Morning Post, world famous gift hamper specialists agreed that inefficient internal packing material of hampers is the main issue. Kacy Fletcher observed this directly herself at Australia's home of independently owned handcrafted gourmet hampers - Hunter Valley when she had an unwanted of boxes in a larger size. It was much more cost efficient in advance to use the large packages and just go back to even more interior packaging than to go and source all new closer fitting containers.

Using a bigger than required size package means that freight costs are higher, yet with quantity carrier rebates, it can still be far better to use the bigger box, pay partially greater freight and run out the larger cartons quickly. By doing this the hamper company avoids needing to re purchase the smaller box dimension which can be a considerable impost for sending a fruit basket. So keeping this in thoughts it just simply functions to use more inner filler and leave the receiver to have to cope with the excess product packaging when the shipment shows up.

"At Hunter Valley Hampers we understand the exorbitant waste that goes with most corporate and business hamper firms," Ms Fletcher states, "We have seen examples where up to two thirds of the hamper box is filled with styrofoam bricks - and this is from a significant, trusted global organization - it's just not good enough!" Hunter Valley Hampers uses a lightweight but 100 % recycled internal filler, so receivers are not overwhelmed with the issue of disposal of styrofoam bricks.

Gourmet Hampers Australia

"One of the worst offenders is those little cellulose peanuts - they just drive me NUTZ when they spill out everywhere all over the place! They might get stuck - so I find myself crawling around on knees and hands picking up cellulose peanuts when in fact I should be relaxing with my gourmet hamper!

It is a real awaken cal when rather than sending a many thanks hamper to a valued buddy or client - you are instead sending them the burden of removing and chasing those peanuts around your home when they blow everywhere.

It is a real relief to know you can really rely on Hunter Valley Hampers for sensible, recycled packaging - made from 100 % office paper waste - and also you will be also gifted very easy removal once you open you Christmas Hampers. Its a real point of difference and something you won't be blessed with when you choose other less delicate vendors. Choosing Hunter Valley Hampers never felt so good!

Thank You Gifts for Loyal Staff Rewards

And how some really simple insider tips and tricks can ensure you get the best pamper hamper or edible bouquets for your dollar this Christmas.

As the hamper box is opened and the inner packaging and void filler is stripped away, it soon becomes clear that there is just few items of gourmet or Christmas value inside. Choosing to send a basket should not mean that you are making the choice of more packaging over the right gift hamper.

In a recent article in the South China Morning Post, world famous gift hamper specialists agreed that wasteful interior packaging of hampers is the main problem. Kacy Fletcher saw this firsthand herself at Australia's home of independent handmade gourmet hampers - Hunter Valley when she had an excess of boxes in a larger size.

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Find Handmade For Sale

handmade web designer
Find Handmade in Australia - #Infographic Why selling online is a boon for handmade artisans.

For emerging creative enterprises, being found in an increasingly fragmented and localized search landscape is the biggest challenge.

Handmade Web Production

For sure, you get your local sales and from followers on social media - but as for deeper penetration across the entire retail landscape - not so much.

The challenge is to recruit the right marketing action plan to bring in sustained exposure to key buying markets online - so you as creative entrepreneur are free to keep creating whilst the marketing and sales goes a little autopilot.

Yes, it can be done and yes you do need to plan and build your online shopping experience around this goal. Talk to Bren Murphy at Find Handmade to get results and elevate your handmade enterprise into an authentic online shopping powerhouse.

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Newcastle Winter Solstice

view Nobbys foreshore
A Jeffrey Smartesque image of my wife pushing the buggy

Leap of Faith - fishing off Nobbys

Apparently their beak can hold more than their belly-can

Cowrie Hole - the nestle of homes facing the ocean

Newcastle Baths - with mushroom pumphouse

Apartments in Newcastle Beach #1

Apartments on Newcastle Beach #2

Apartments on Newcastle Beach #3

And this little fellow fell off his mother's back - he's been taken to the RSPC

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Corporate Gifts Gourmet Hampers

Family Gourmet Wine Country
NEWCASTLE, NSW AUSTRALIA.-- (PRESSRELEASE.COM)-- 06/02/2014-- Hunter Valley Hampers Design, a popular name in corporate gifts, are proud to reveal the relaunch of their new blog Gourmet Hampers Australia. The new information packed reference point will focus on current business and advertising news from the Hunter Valley and discuss why having a robust brand identity is so essential in making a fantastic impression with your corporate gifts.

The blog-- which will be found at - will also be packed with the best tips on how to get the most from your investment in branded gifts, employee gifts and referral thank-you presents; ideal for corporate businesses planning to share their goodwill, display at a trade show or host an unveiling open day.

Hunter Valley Hampers are an advertising products and gourmet hampers supplier and professionals in customizing everything from to do with gift baskets, hampers and corporate gifts. As you would expect, premium gourmet hampers don't come cut-price, and it is the quality and exclusivity of the Hunter Valley Hampers design that has launched a highly regarded niche in the market.

For professional gift occasions, ordering in bulk is a realistic and affordable option for even the smallest establishment. Each outstanding hamper and gift basket has an obvious purpose; making certain that you get highly regarded gourmet food and wine from the respected local vineyards, restaurants and paddock to plate providores of the Hunter Valley. Time after time sharing a luxury hamper proves to be a talking point and builds brand devotion and ensures optimal exposure of your brand.

As well as a focus on the vineyards and Hunter Valley wine country producers, producing a reputable corporate gift necessitates attention to presentation and making a purposeful lasting impression. Opt for a luxurious edible arrangement, wine and cheese hamper or twin pack wine bottle gift set to really wow potential clients, investors or customers. Create a bespoke gift basket to go with your brand's exact feel - using our extensive range of local farm gate produce.

Now, thanks to the Gourmet Hampers Australia blog, choosing your corporate gifts could not be easier. Hunter Valley Hampers Managing Director Kacy Fletcher says: "After helping businesses market on their own effectively for many years, it's terrific to finally have a system where we can share our awareness directly with a wider target audience. Our new blog looks set to become the first port-of-call for business owners and marketing teams across the UK, dishing out advice on all aspects of corporate gifts, gourmet hampers and fruit arrangements. This blog will work with our website to deliver a one-stop-shop for corporate gifts.".

Hunter Valley Hampers is based in the marvelous Hunter Valley around two hours drive north of the raucous chaos of Sydney, NSW Australia. To find out more about the new blog and their range of corporate gifts contact them through their website that can be found at
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