Monday, July 12, 2010

Cellito's and Treachery Beach in Winter

Walked through the littoral rainforest to Cellitos and spent a sunny mid-winter afternoon picking over the rockpools.  Found starfish and some crabs and anemones.
Then to Treachery - no longer a light-camping twenty-something -  this time trudging through the dunes with some small fairies in tow.
Again, a memorable day and the beach/farmstay contrast makes the nature experience ideal.

Perhaps best summed up when Hazel began to cry once we arrived home "I want to go back to my holiday!"

Beaumont Street

Just love the gritty diversity of Beaumont Street.  Especially recommend the 'baby' Piddas up the other end near the Oasis section, but not actually in the oasis section. 
Go along a little further to Cappodocia and you can get the best value for your Pidda dollar, they go for $6 each during the day.  For some reason they are called baby but they are enough for one to eat for lunch and be satisfied.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Whale Tales at Merewether Beach

Shared the Bar the Merewether walk with some friends this morning.  Bracing the breeze, and quite surprised at the number of fellow walker out and about.

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