Friday, June 25, 2010


Admittedly perhaps not a Newcastle performance although quite deservedly so for this audience, please welcome the merewether-life our good friends, Radiohead.

The haunting beauty of this ode to self loathing has timeless appeal.


Here's the live webcam of Dixon Park Beach next to Merewether.
It's so good there on a winter's afternoon with the chill wind and the slanting sun whilst the girls play on the playground equipment.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Birthday Party

The girls had their joint birthday party at the railway sheds at Newcastle Foreshore.  A lovely morning shared with some friends and family and here we'll share some pics with you.

Funny story - my wife baked the two birthday cakes the day before and as is the process we had bought some of the ingredients from the local shop, which I argue is supporting local business instead of getting everything from the major supermarkets.  But the butter was two months out of date.  And the cakes tasted terrible.

So we had to start again and they turned out just fine, as you can see.  Our friend rates herself as a face painter and we agree it makes for a great experience for the kids.  Her offers of face painting ranged from fairies to spiderman.  A lovely sunny day.

Rolador Cafe, Beaumont Street, Hamilton

The Place > Had a delightful experience at Rolador Cafe at the Northern end of Hamilton's Beaumont Street.  Shared breakfast with my wife and ate in the weekday morning sun. 

The Meal > Ordered coffees and one plate each.  Loving the organic beans and generous portions of condiments.

Overall > Has a funky, art haus vibe with an eclectic jumble of furniture in gaudy clashing colours, recycled industrial reels and what appears to be stuff they have sourced from the side of the road on clean up days.  But the patrons love it and as I commute daily past this creative little space, it is always busy with customers.
Realistic pricing and spare unfettered service makes for a functional experience.  Recommended.

Would like a review of your business on merewether-life blog?
Let us know, we can review with images.


What a magical night am writing this as we have surged ahead by a goal in the twelfth minute.  Go Australia and go Civic Park Livesites.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Grocery shopping can be such a chore.  Here are three useful ideas for making the healthy food choice that is right for you when you are grocery shopping.
Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognise as food.
Like powders, or things like flavour enhancers - just what is with that?

Shop at the farmers' or growers' market - it's all fresh food straight from the grower.
Easy, just take along a basket to carry the stuff you buy.  Cool and cute.

Stay out of the middle of the supermarket - meat, fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables are all on the outside aisle of every supermarket. The processed stuff is in the centre.
A revelation.  Another rule, less packaging, more nutrition.


Birthday-Gift-Basket-Hampers-champion-Australia-best- Thank You Gift Chance.
Andn being....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yesterday they Buried a Whale

Heard on 1233 Radio that a whale has washed up on the beach.  Dead.  Thought it might be an opportunity for the girls to see some of the cycle of life.

We tried to arrange our day so that we would be able to get by the beach and show the girls by early afternoon. Everything was going to plan and we were headed to the beach when we heard that the council had dug a four meter deep hole and pushed the whale carcass into it.

By the time we arrived and walked along the cliff top, there was nothing to see except the creases in the sand left by the excavator, and some disturbed sand where we guessed the whale lay.

Still, with the bulging waves and sharp wind, it was an atmospheric moment

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Keeping it All Together

It is a real story of survival and endurance that we have made it this far, and I feel we must share this particular story.
Not long ago we were cursed with a particular tenant who left our rental/investment in a deplorable state and we were forced to repair and clean her mistakes and damage out of our own pockets.
Now this has been a long and exhausting affair of dealing with contractors and tradies and real estate suits and of course the lawyers have out their hand up for some cash too.
It has been disheartening and a total experience.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What have I Achieved Today?

Not much positive.  Pretty bloody damn awful actually.
1 - Had a property we were selling fall over, so the sale is still up in the air.
2 - Delivered a Gift Basket and it was apparently a few hours late (1pm is still same day - sometimes peoples are impossible to please..)
3 - Have been biting my nails so my left index and right thumb are too bloody short and are throbbing!!

All in all a great day to have stayed on bed..

Let me know some pleasant, inspiring things please....
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