Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Birthday Party

The girls had their joint birthday party at the railway sheds at Newcastle Foreshore.  A lovely morning shared with some friends and family and here we'll share some pics with you.

Funny story - my wife baked the two birthday cakes the day before and as is the process we had bought some of the ingredients from the local shop, which I argue is supporting local business instead of getting everything from the major supermarkets.  But the butter was two months out of date.  And the cakes tasted terrible.

So we had to start again and they turned out just fine, as you can see.  Our friend rates herself as a face painter and we agree it makes for a great experience for the kids.  Her offers of face painting ranged from fairies to spiderman.  A lovely sunny day.

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  1. hi!
    I don't understand what a "guest post" is? you can use my pictures as long as you link to my blog, if that's what you mean. =)


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