Monday, March 28, 2011

Pansies are for Colour

Pansy Seedlings Ready to Plant
Little Helper Ready for Gardening

Another Little Helper in the garden

Took some time over the weekend to re invigorate the fallow garden bed at the front door.  Over summer we had some great marigolds working as insect repellent and offering the opportunity to make numerous marigold bud daisy chain necklaces.  (Anyone remember New Years Day at Gregson with the marigold necklaces?)

This time we have chosen pansies as they should adapt well to the cooler mornings and less intense sunlight.  Here we prepared the soil with some rotted manure and fertiliser and then spaced out the seedlings so they would sit right across the garden bed.

Here's hoping the overdose of fertiliser that pone of the little helpers sprinkled all over the garden bed has seeped into the soil and it is no longer a toxic chemical mix - it was a premature end for the marigolds when the fertliser made the soil too salty and they literally withered in a couple of days.

Just put a sprinkle of snail pellets around the seedlings and it started to rain again so they haven't needed any haqnd watering so far.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Seagulls on a Windy Day

Spent a blustery Saturday afternoon flying the new kite. Made for a mini comparison next to the big boys with their actual hanggliders.

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