Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cold Snap in Spring

We have experienced an unexpected cold snap and for the last week have have lower than usual temperatures. Plus a little rain.

All makes for an unusual spring and a slight reprieve for the rainforest from the full blown heat of the other week. Chickens are going fine - we have "lent" the wyandottes to a generous family friend who is looking after them until they reach a size and age where they will not be overly pecked by the established flock.

Confidently, I have been letting the birds free range everyday for the last few weeks, and they have rewarded us with brilliant yolks and generally maintaining the block.

Not to say that last week I woke after a late night shift to hear the dreaded buzz of whipper sippers and chainsaws. I ran down to the garden at merewether life and met a half dozen council employees who were clearing a seven meter fire zone between the houses and the bushland. Fine.

We have maintained the zone independently for the last seven years and it would save the council the effort. Plus we have replanted exclusively natives, and managed weed regrowth very successfully.

Keep you posted, and good luck with your gardening...
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