Sunday, April 13, 2014

Merewether Autumn 2014

Hazel Contemplating
Bright Yellow Sign #1
Bright Yellow Sign #2
Bright Yellow Sign #3
Distinctive home overlooking Merewether Baths.

The Toddler's Pool, Merewether Baths 2014
Pumphouse Merewether Baths 2014

Outflow Merewether Baths 2014
Under Repair Merewether Baths 2014

Toddler's Pool, Merewether Baths 2014
Only two made it out the back, Merewether Beach.

Wall Art, Merewether Subway

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Handmade Artisans

I've started a new project these last few months, and it is entirely in keeping with the handmade local and artisan niche we have been cultivating here at Merewether Life.  It's a brilliant lifestyle, working with people who are following their passion and making a difference in their own communities and actually getting to meet the stallholders in their element. 

I've had some good times travelling around markets in New South Wales and meeting the people behind the brands and having them reveal the story that is behind their successful markets stall.
Here's an excerpt from Find Handmade - an New Australian feature designed to inspire and promote those working handmade artisans but also others who are considering taking the leap into starting their own business.

Here's just a glimpse of what I have learned by talking with literally dozens of stallholders selling their handmade wares at the markets.
I meet handmade artisans every week and we get talking about what they are up to and where they want to be.
And every now and then, a stallholder will tell me she doesn’t want to know anything about growing her digital profile or being more effective at selling online.
And I can see where she is coming from – who wants to climb the online digital mountain when you’ve already come so far? |
You’ve moved away from your boring career job, you’ve got a loyal core of customers, and you are managing the practicalities of producing handmade – now I have to do the whole online thing?
The key moment I am working with some stallholders is when they choose to make the step into online sales and turn their hobby into a thriving online business.  If you would like assistance or help following this path, you can read more here.

Read feature interviews with 
inspiring individuals who work as 
#handmade #artisans.

Toby and Rosie

Here's an excerpt from the interview with two Sydney based markets stallholders...
Toby, proudly calling himself a hippie at heart, initially made a body butter and as is often the case – it was soon sought out by family and friends and before long he was making larger batch sizes to meet demand.  Combining this with a love of natural, authentic ingredients and Toby and Rosie was born – not before meeting Rosie in her native Guatemala and launching back in Sydney.
For inspired skincare and cosmetics with a natural organic flair, head over to Toby and Rosie.

Charlie Middleton Leather Bags

Charlie Middleton is a successful brand of handmade artisan leather goods...
Like many others I meet at find handmade, Ben’s journey to his current position began in a different niche.    And again, his journey to being a successful stallholder began with a humble start up selling handmade t-shirts, hoodies and jackets.  All handmade, with handmade printing.  Then, a chance exposure to a three hour leather working course turned Ben’s attention to leather – and he began producing hard wearing belts for friends and more as word spread.
Charlie Middleton is an international brand with a solid reputation based on Ben's attention to detail and committed work ethic - you can read the full story here.

Milly Molly Mandy

Milly Molly Mandy is a delightful concept impeccably managed by handmade artisan Shannon who finds the time to balance her work with a pretty full family lifestyle.
The products at Milly Molly Mandy are all designed, cut and handmade by Shannon and you can sense the real innocence in the eyes of the soft toys – something that engages with customers instantly. The stall layout is relaxed and inviting, with soft tones and products displayed like they are arranged in a child’s bedroom.  I could feel the quality of the fabric and the balance of the stuffing – and it is no accident that these toys are sold as heirloom quality.
You can read all about Milly Molly Mandy and how Shannon has built for herself a niche with wide online exposure in find hand made.

I will be posting regular updates as things evolve and would love to have you along for the ride!  Good luck and see you next time!
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