Monday, August 16, 2010

Clumsy Weekend Fumbling...

Spent the weekend fumbling around children's parties and pointing at koalas.
Wonderful experience if it were without the elders and opinionated onlookers.
Imagine if I had a worthless contract for a wage job. OMGQ!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Turning the Tide - End Of Winter Fat

It has been a glorious and depressing winter to eat my way into a 12 kilo weight gain.

Unashamedly, I now wallow in my wobbly gut and drooping jowls whilst I fear my first Spring workout.

Already I can imagine my new personal trainer snorting at my pathetic push up count.

> Well this time , I'm gonna get even! I got meself a gun and a packet of knives and .... wait a minute, only JOKING - yeah, I have already begun the pre-gym sign up fasting process. I heard some other guys call it ramadan. It is a tricky bandwagon to get on but I'm doing my half assed best so far...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Plastic Container lids in the back corner of the Kitchen Cupboard - WTF?

Sometimes it feels good (or is absolutely necessary) to bring a little order into an otherwise chaotic life. With this in mind I just resolved to tackle that terrifying, hard-to-reach corner of my kitchen cupboards that houses my collection of plastic food receptacles. These range from worth-their-weight-in-gold Tupperware (all vanished) containers to bulk-purchased cheap-arsed plastic takeaway boxes of all shapes and sizes.

What I found was absolutely mystifying. When I finally managed to exit the cupboard on hands and knees and survey my stash I found that I had precisely 55 lids and precisely 11 containers. Of those lids and containers I had precisely 3 matches.

To prove that I really do Shit You Not, I took a photo, and here it is. Actually, I took 2 and here they both are.

How. Does. This. Happen?

I can understand the occasional container being sacrificed to the Gods of Playdough, Roughhousing and Occasional Microwave Disasters, but for the love of all that is decent, how did 44 containers vanish? Perhaps (thinking outside the square here) they didn't vanish at all, but never existed, and there's some strange lid-breeding program going on in my cupboard resulting in multiple births of new and exciting container-less lids?

Whatever it is, I want my containers back. Or my lids gone. Or more matches. Or at the VERY least - a scientific explanation.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Beach Challenge

Imagine setting yourself a walking goal of bettering your own existing record...

This event has been a long time coming but has the potential to become a classic sand running/walking event in Australia. The event was trialed by a group of enthusiastic ladies (see pics below) in 2009 (their record was 7 hours and 48 minutes) and this year we are opening the event to the general running and walking public. The event will happen in 2010 and will include a run/walk course starting from Birubi Beach in Port Stephens and finishing at Stockton Beach. This is 32kms of sand. There will also be a 16km out and back walk from Stockton Beach for those who think 32km is too far. This is called the Sight the Sygna 16 and will head 8km out to the Sygna ship wreck and back. Also not for the faint hearted.

Each year we plan to change the direction of the event, heading in 2011 from Stockton to Birubi.

Our official charity for the event is the Harry Meyn Foundation, who have just established Harry's House in Stockton. Harry's House has been established to allow families of sick children who need to travel to Hunter based medical facilities the opportunity to stay close to treatment and or seek a retreat to enjoy the beautiful Stockton beaches and township. Competitors in the event will be encouraged to seek sponsorship for Harry's House over their Big Beach Challenge.

The Big Beach Challenge will be held on Saturday, 21 August 2010.

Mojitos and Sexy Cocktails at the CLARENDON Hotel

It is so good. Walking along Honeysuckle and Sharing dinner.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Droll End Of Days - Some Call it August...

Have been existing through the droll end of winter days - some people call it August. I get the idea of GUST but Au should really be AWWW!

Still, we have managed to make it to the beach most days, walking along the Merewether to Bar stretch every other day for the last fortnight. Unfortunately, the weather has shown us the full spectrum from rainbows and perfect curling offshore swell to swirling storms and running for cover from the top of Cliff to Dixon Park.

Even though August in Merewether has been damp and cold and makes me want to chase my neighbour up north to Noosa, we holdfast and clean and de-clutter and recycle like crazy.

Oh and we saw a new idea for a business AUSSIE CAVIAR >>

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