Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Droll End Of Days - Some Call it August...

Have been existing through the droll end of winter days - some people call it August. I get the idea of GUST but Au should really be AWWW!

Still, we have managed to make it to the beach most days, walking along the Merewether to Bar stretch every other day for the last fortnight. Unfortunately, the weather has shown us the full spectrum from rainbows and perfect curling offshore swell to swirling storms and running for cover from the top of Cliff to Dixon Park.

Even though August in Merewether has been damp and cold and makes me want to chase my neighbour up north to Noosa, we holdfast and clean and de-clutter and recycle like crazy.

Oh and we saw a new idea for a business AUSSIE CAVIAR >>

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