Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rolador Cafe, Beaumont Street, Hamilton

The Place > Had a delightful experience at Rolador Cafe at the Northern end of Hamilton's Beaumont Street.  Shared breakfast with my wife and ate in the weekday morning sun. 

The Meal > Ordered coffees and one plate each.  Loving the organic beans and generous portions of condiments.

Overall > Has a funky, art haus vibe with an eclectic jumble of furniture in gaudy clashing colours, recycled industrial reels and what appears to be stuff they have sourced from the side of the road on clean up days.  But the patrons love it and as I commute daily past this creative little space, it is always busy with customers.
Realistic pricing and spare unfettered service makes for a functional experience.  Recommended.

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  1. Rolador has that recylced/reused feel that is sort of 21C boho chic.


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