Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day 2011 Merewether Baths

Australia Day is a morning off and relax at the Beach.  This morning we woke to find the Morgan Street valley cloaked in thick fog, so dense we could not see past our trees.  Immediately we thought it was an ominous sign, considering we have heard the weather forecast predicting temperatures approaching 40C.
Australia Day 2011 Merewether Baths
Australia Day In Merewether
At the baths we could not see past the pool edge - adding a new dimension to the concept of infinity edge pools. Still, it was fun and clearly the most well attended day since the bustle of Boxing Day.

And that's where I started thinking - what is it with all these collapsible tent things that people put up blocking a clear view of the water?  And how can you fit under it anyway?
Whats wrong with a traditional umbrella?

The thing that irks regular beach users is that these tents act as barriers and block line of sight access to children, the water and just the general environment, let alone the way they inhibit social interactions.
And they do not let the air flow through, regardless of how many flaps and extensions you move, so you will find most tent users are rarely, if ever, actually sitting inside it, sweltering in the sticky breezelessness.
My recent experiences have been some overly enthusiastic beach goers plonking their tent right in front of our beach access and thinking nothing of it. Ooops!

For my Australia Day wish, I propose we get rid of these beach tents and return to the glorious days of billowing umbrellas and being able to see one another and our children at the beach, and feeling the sea breeze.  No more of this claiming beachfront land with a tent and then never actually sitting under it.
Whaddaya reckon?


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