Sunday, January 23, 2011

Backyard Stairs Project - Part Two

The efforts over the past week have made some significant advances towards completing the project!  As you can see from the photos we have made substantial progress and clarified exactly what further needs to be done as we move towards completion. 

The view from the top of the stairs is enticing and with dense plantings will lead your eye to the garden and hopefully encourage you to explore further. 
You can see the stair rails (not painted black yet) and the treads in place, plus the steel bar at the top which is fixed into the sandstone.
It was tricky getting the rails to sit straight and with some help from our neighbor, who saw us grunting and pointing, we managed to get things right.

 From the side you can appreciate just how steep the incline is and how the stairs will sit well above the ground, giving a great viewpoint over the garden. 
The airflow will help keep the moisture, moss and mould at bay so the treads should be safe to walk on for years.
Next job will be building some stainless wire to go in between the rails to stop toddlers falling through!
 Here's the tricky part - although the stairs were originally fabricated to reach the first floor in an industrial warehouse, the treads do not sit true unless we support them to this height (at left).
To resolve this we will put together a timber landing, and off the landing a few more steps to reach the ground.
Note how wonky the bricks look - and yes, it is a temporary measure.

 To keep the treads at a level or slightly raised incline for safe footfall and easy stair climbing, we decided to use washers for additional height.
Using the washers saved building an unreasonably high landing for the base of the stairs. 

When we first worked through the idea, the stair railing was sitting nearly two meters in the air!

The old track.  For the past four years, ever since moving to the property, I have fumbled up and down this loose stone 'path' wary of falling over.
It was quite an achievement to carry 500+ bricks down the backyard 6 at a time on this track last summer. 

New Updates next weekend.

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  1. Great Project underway, just have to finish it now.
    Orange & Lime Marmalade


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