Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chickens, Chickens, Chickens

Here's a great resource for chickens.

Have a read, is comprehensive.

Our 10 girls are going great guns, they are all nearing full size and very comfortable free ranging across our backyard and four neighbouring properties. Luckily fencing is a four letter word around these parts so the birds have access all areas and can forage into the bush reserve at the back of the property.

Have been busy building some more stairs - this time gravel steps underneath the tree ferns - they make a lovely scrunch sound when you walk on them. Plus the texture is shiny/glossy when wet and makes for a great contrast with the dark brows of the humus and mulch. The gravel acts as a rock mulch so will aid water flow away from the walking areas towards the growing areas.

Also working clearing some overgrown undergrowth - if that makes sense(?) and stumbled upon a small SCORPION - I could not believe it, it is definitely a scorpion and I have caught it and it is scuttling around in a plastic cube as I write this. Will take some shots and post soon.

Plenty of frogs also found amongst the leaf litter - was a real treat for the chickens who came in after and cleaned up all the thrips and little critters amongst the leaves. I am planting some raspberries in this space tomorrow I hope.

OK, more soon...

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  1. Scorpions are an important part of an ecosystem, and are said to glow under black light.


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