Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fan Palm and More

Now we are off work for a month and it is time for some much needed catching up in the garden. Today I bought four fan plams (Licuala ramsayi) and four giant spear lillies (Doryanthes palmerii). The Fan Palms are emergent growers, in that they survive the darkness and lack of light in the understory of the rainforest whilst they grow up to fifteen metres to emerge in the full sunlight above the canopy. The Spear Lilly is not a rainforest plant, more a local plant and will form a thicket with heavy perndulous red flower spikes as it matures.
Whilst they are small now, over the years they will provide great architectural structure and depth to the garden and of course they are natives.
The fan palm loves deep shade a moist conditions, so I have a great spot on a watercourse for it.
More soon...


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