Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Day of Summer?

Spent the afternoon at Dixon Park for a change.  Of course Merewether Baths are closed for cleaning on a Monday.  Loved the thigh blaster walk through the dunes, and the total emptiness of the beach, just an older couple and two kids with their mother. 
Dixon Park has that vast expanse where the weight loss monkeys plough through the dry sand, and if you lay down a certain way it is easy to imagine there is no civilisation nearby.
Amazed at my little 10 month old who crawls through the sand like a pink bulldozer.  Once we put her down she is busy crawling knees and palms through the sand, oblivious to us until she gets a few metres away.
Similarly, the 34 month old runs to the middle distance without raising her head, engrossed in the meditation of jogging along the lines of the quad bikes.
Overcast, small surf, tepid water, empty beach with warm grey skies - perfect autumn day at the beach.

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