Saturday, May 29, 2010

Attracting Readers to your Blog

Here's something I found in the newsletter.  I thought it was worth passing on.  Hope you get some value from it.  My comments are in italics.

1. Pick a Sweet Title – Picking a great title is one of the most basic ways to attract more readers to your blog. Even though it is only a few words, the title can entice viewers to continue reading and ultimately subscribe! Remember, pick a title that is catchy. Like Hampers if you sell Hampers. This is extremely important for drawing traffic from sites like or

2. Improve SEO – Improving your blog’s search engine friendliness is vital for attracting more readers. In order to do this, one should change their permalink structure and even tailor their title to Google’s needs.With a few simple steps, search engines can vastly increase the audience who views your blog.

3. Marketing – Word of mouth is one of the most basic but useful ways to increase the number of readers for your blog. Have a facebook? Create a fan page encouraging your friends to read your blog. They might just pass it on to more people if they find something they like. Have a Twitter? Post your blog’s link. Any type of advertisement will be helpful!

4. Write Original Content – When you write content that has already been blogged about, the chances are readers won’t come back for more because they’ve already encountered something similar. The solution – put a new spin on whatever subject you’re writing about! Quality blogs all have subject matter that is new and inspiring. (OK OK, I guess I fudged this when I copy and paste articles but this is worthwhile) Readers will always keep checking your blog if this is skillfully done.

5. Comment On Other Blogs Posting – Giving feedback on other writer’s blogs is an extremely easy way to get the attention of other bloggers and their readers. It’s very important, however, that you don’t look like you’re spamming. Make sure you read the article, and then simply advertise your own blog in a discrete way.  I have spent hours doing this and even though there are plenty of knockbacks, it is still worthwhile getting out there and seeing what everyone else is up to.

6. Guest Blog – Guest blogging on a similar blog is an effective way to get even more traffic to your site. Some bloggers have greatly increased their own amount of viewers by simply writing one entry for a very popular site. Even though it is hard to get your guest entry posted, it is certainly not impossible. If you succeed, your traffic will surely increase greatly.

7. Run a Contest – Running a contest is a great way to generate buzz in the online community. With a type of sweepstakes, readers will regularly check your blog for an update on the winner, while also telling their friends about their hopes of winning. Find something that is related to your blog that readers would enjoy winning. After your contest is over, publicize the winner. Participants will continue to read your blog even after the contest is over!

8. Link To Other Blogs – Don’t worry, you won’t lose traffic! Bloggers who link to other blogs usually see their efforts reciprocated. This friendly relationship allows writers to share a common audience. By networking with other writers, your blog’s traffic will inevitably increase.  GREAT IDEA!! Want to share a link?  I have a Love me and I'll Love You Back Policy at Merewether-Life which means you add me or follow me and I will return the favour.

9. Be Controversial, It’s Okay! – There are many bloggers all over the world. Not many bloggers, however, will write about a controversial subject. Don’t be offensive, but distance yourself from those other ordinary blogs. The online community will definitely take notice if you continue to push the envelope.  OK, Here's something controversial - No more tents or sun shades at the beach check out Australia Day 2011!

10. Just Wait! – While all of these tips can help you attract more readers to your blog, it still takes time! Do not become frustrated! The longer your blog is thriving, the sooner you will see a heavy increase in traffic. Don’t be upset if you only have a few readers! In time you’ll have a popular site that everyone is reading!  Yeah right.  It is like screaming at the top of your lungs into an empty barrell and just hearing your own echo sometimes.  But what a lovely echo it is, if I do say so myself...


  1. Thanks for the tips...going to try a few of those on my blog: come on over and have a look....

  2. Great post! Lots of nice tips here. Thanks for stopping by and following by blog.

  3. Thanks for your comments and will be dropping by soon to see you again...

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this excellent information. As the creator of a new blog it's so good to learn about it, and then reassure myself that time is what is needed. I do not understand the permalink stuff though, ie adjusting your blog to make it search engine friendly. Can anyone assist me in this regard? Having a ball though, best thing I ever did. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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