Monday, November 15, 2010

The Backyard Rainforest

Our backyard Rainforest is thriving during the heavy rainfalls we have experienced this Spring. Here are some of the images we took recently.
 This is a Red Cedar.  We planted three saplings last autumn so they could grow along a natural water flow line.  They have well and truly established and are showing great inter-nodal length.  I have kept up cow manure, chicken manure and all purpose fertilizer granules along with generous mulching.
 These are the rough tree ferns, which I planted in a circle around a emergent Eucalypt.  They too have established and handle the heat and dry spells with a thick layer of rotting mulch.
 This is the King Tree Fern, I planted another half dozen of these around another damp spot.  They are surprisingly resilient too, given the foliage looks very delicate.
 A Crows Nest, I have planted dozens of these and they are doing OK, except for having to compete with grass weeds and wandering jew.
The Dickson Tree Fern has new emergent fronds, it is a slow old grower but does reward with lush green growth.

Will keep you updated with the latest developments in the vege garden next post.  Plus, the plans for the chooks....

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