Monday, February 10, 2014

Trouble with Neighbours

This morning we were paid a visit by the Newcastle Local Council - Ray Brylynsky -and one of the members of his team.  Apparently my neighbour has called the General Manager of the Newcastle Council about a little wood platform I have at the rear of my backyard for my daughters.  After seven years all of a sudden it now has to go.  And this was a response within hours of the vexatious complaint being raised in the first place.

That's funny - things like this usually take weeks if not months to process - I wonder why this little matter was suddenly so important to be dealt with in hours and then by the two head honchos?

For sure we have built a little 8 x 4 foot platform in the reserve - it is a delightful little stage for the children to dance upon - but for Newcastle Council to send out two big head honchos within hours of receiving a complaint is quite unnerving.  I wonder who knows who - or who has a connection somewhere along the line.

It will be interesting to see how this progresses.  I have planted dozens of native plants and grasses throughout the reserve as a firebreak and animal shelters too.  I wonder if they have to go?

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