Monday, April 26, 2010

Anzac Day Weekend

Enjoyed a great outdoorsy Anzac Day long weekend.  Saturday was 29C and we were fortunate to share an intimate Engagement Party at Dixon Park, lying on the grass as the sun set and drinking sparkling wine. 
Sunday was raining, and after taking the time to acknowledge the Anzac fallen, we lounged around the house and indulged in an afternoon nap.  Then to friends house for a lamb loin roast with red cabbage, carrots and potato bake, and a glass of cab-merlot.
Monday, off to walk the Fernleigh Track, a gentle incline from Bailey Street to well beyond the tunnel.  Unfortunately no images to share as I left the camera at home recharging. 
Back home to change and then down to Merewether park for frisbee, softball practice and a no-plates-bbq.  Really relaxed and plenty of running and at times, falling over.
At time of writing the girls are sleeping and we have a mussaman beef curry in the slow cooker.  The house reeks of that inviting curry aroma.
Followed a recipe from Slow Cooking, which has some great spice additives.  Here it is

Mussaman Curry
800gm chuck steak, diced 2cm
2 cinnamon sticks
10 cardamon pods
5 cloves
2 tblspn mussaman curry paste
440ml can coconut milk
6-8 chat potatoes, halved
ginger 2cm peeled
60ml fish sauce
60gm palm sugar
cup roasted peanuts
3 tblspns tamarind puree

Add beef, cinnamon sticks, cardamon, cloves, curry paste, coconut milk, potato, ginger, fish sauce, sugar, peanuts (save some for garnish) and tamarind to the slow cooker.

Cook on low heat for 6 hours.  Garnish with a few chopped peanuts, serve into bowls with a half cup of steamed rice in the base.  Enjoy!

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