Saturday, April 17, 2010

Successful Garage Sale Tips in Newcastle

After hosting a successful Garage Sale in Newcastle today, at merewether-life we have learned some great tips and tricks to make your next garage sale or yard sale a success.  On offer - a household full of clothes, furniture, electrical goods and various what-nots and bric-a-brac (don't you just love that term?) all with a distinct must-sell-today point.  You see, an acquaintance has a tenant who suddenly abandoned the premises and left the house full of goods, with unpaid rent and assorted damages.  The garage sale was the first way to recover costs.

3 Steps to Garage Sale Badda-Bing-Ka-Ching!
1. Location Location Location The Site of the Garage Sale
Hosting a successful garage sale is dependent on where you actually host the garage sale.  Ideally, as we experienced today, plan your garage sale for a busy main road link to the CBD of the city.  In today's case we are talking a major arterial road a kilometre or so from the CBD, ensuring guaranteed traffic, easy sign posting and convenient parking.

Now you have plenty of casual "maybe" visitors who most likely would not have dropped by if you had placed the sale in some suburban subdivision cul de sac. 

Have some chocolate involved somewhere along the line, it always helps...

2. Money Handling and Price Points
Everyone wants to spend some cash and before you know it someone will be in front of you blinking
"So how much is the orange ashtray set?"  You look around and gulp.
"Um, its nine dollars"
"Um its one dollar"
And depending on how quickly you close the sale, or by the nodding silence and slinking away of the prospect, you will soon learn of the power of little stickers with $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 etc on them.  By saving the punter the effort of enquiry, you will gain many a sale.
Oh, and have a bag that you regularly empty the cash from to a safe place - AND DON'T leave it out where someone will buy it for a buck.

3. An End Point
Be aware that the finest of garage sales does not ever lurch into twilight.  Sooner you close the cash cow the sooner you can buy some sushi and have a shower and start counting the cash.
So hustle in the moring to avoid the bustle in the afternoon.

Any tips or comments - lets hear, there is so much to share,

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