Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Chicken Coop - Using Metal Shelves!

Have spent the past week thinking about how to make the actual chicken coop for the birds to lay and rest in and was really stumped about what to do.
Since I'm not much of a carpenter, I was reluctant to go out and buy all the gear and tools and wood to put together what would basically be a poor example of a chicken coop.
And the other option, of asking for help - shit, I am so over that I had to find a way of doing this, (to quote mt three year old) "ALL BY MYSELF!"

So, whilst I worked at our warehouse, I actually stumbled upon some spare pallet racking lying up the back and thought it would be just perfect for the job! The shelving is solid, supports a ton of weight, is made of steel so it won't rot, and I have all the bits and pieces so that I can put it together. And it should be easy to cover the open sides to give some shelter when it is put together.

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