Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pumpkin Soup For the Soul

As we have finished with the summer pumpkin crop and all the tendrils are fading and going brown, we picked all the pumpkins and sorted through all the weeds that had grown through the vines. There were 8 pumpkins in all (not bad for the first try), most scattered all over the place - it is surprising how far the tendrils will run of they are not cut at all. So we brought all the pumpkins in and let them fully mature on the top shelf of the kitchen.

We also picked what watermelons we could, but they were far less productive, with the smaller variety producing a few cannonball sized fruit (when was the last time you saw a cannonball? - but you get the picture) and just two large traditional shaped watermelons.

Anyway, I was at the Markets buying up heaps of fresh fruit for our Mother's Day Promotion and I couldn't resist buying some more pumpkins - they were so cheap and looked so tempting - I also grabbed a bag of large brown onions - you can't have too many onions in a any recipe I always say.

So we got straight to work and made some pumpkin soup.

These are using the pumpkins we grew in the back yard, so you can see the tiny seeds still in the flesh. I have saved the seeds ad will replant these next year so we can start cultivating out own strain of pumpkins. Anyway, that's the plan.

Here's the pumpkins with some potato, and we add a good teaspoon of Thai curry paste so there is a bit of buzz flavour too.

Tastes great and is a hearty warming meal for a day or two with crusty bread rolls - or is an easy work meal in a mug just re heat in the microwave. More coming soon.

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