Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogging about Blogging Part 23

So you're going about your life and suddenly you're hit with this great idea for a blog post, and you smile contentedly and nod, "That'll go right over there in my short term memory, so after I have finished work and get home, then go through all the daily de-briefing with wife, children and associates; once I finally sit in the study with a half hour spare I will be able to commit to words the exact mental picture and accompanying funny aside so as to make a memorable, meaningful and with a little luck, oft-quoted blog post."

Never happens - right? And all this guff about writing a blog post from a blackberry whilst commuting - are you serious? - I mean who commutes in what is basically a regional city with no public transport system?

Sometimes it just feels like most of those little gem moments and reflections are either shared with the person you are with at that instant in time - or that they are lost to civilization for eternity.

So if you happen to be a disability case worker, out on the job, your little gem is most likely shared with someone with an intellectual disability who will completely not get it. Or even more disturbed - your little gem will be shared with a fellow disability worker and she will look back at you, blinking, in total confusion - "Was he trying to be funny or was he sexually harassing me?"

So yeah, back to the blogging about blogging,- I have been considering buying a dictaphone or whatever they are called now(?), so I can walk along the beach or be driving the service vehicle and discreetly press play and record my thoughts as they percolate through my brain and out through my mouth.

Then it is a win-win for everyone, (least of all civilization!) and those shelves and shelves of unrecorded quips, observations and comments I can more easily access, collate and massage into blog posts.

So if you see a guy pushing a wheelchair, talking into a dictaphone (or whatever they're called), with a disability client lolling in front oblivious to the monologue - yeah, it's probably me. Just don't interrupt, I'll take it all down and be up late at night trying to make it into something for Merewether-Life.

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