Thursday, July 7, 2011

Roadside Stall and Free Range Chickens

There's something about the down home honesty of a road side stall. The handwritten signs, the corrugated iron, the cash, the hand made products. Evokes memories of a simpler time, when big service stations and their fluorescent lighting and eftpos hadn't priced out the local guys. But at least they are open...

Yeah it's closed, but there are directions so you can get your tomatoes -
but midwinter I'd guess they are not fresh, but pickles relish and other preserves.

This is the biggest chicken house I have seen so far
 great simple design ad room for plenty of birds.

The birds seemed happy and were curious, approaching the fence to see.

Is a lovely coastal area, although there is a slight problem with overhead noise -
these machines are deafening up close and just plain anxiety-inducing in the distance. 

This is not Air Force security, but is a pastoral.

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