Monday, July 11, 2011

The Spit Roast Story part 1

Two chickens and three ducks - sounds like the beginning of a bad joke? Or like you are reading a menu? I'll go for the latter, plus a nice shoulder of pork, spit roasted slowly over the morning just in time for a satisfying lunch. Throw in some afternoon napping and just generally laying about, and then picking the leftovers for dinner after the day cools to evening. What a great highlight to an otherwise wind-chilled weekend in a secret valley just outside Wollombi.

The Residence - had great proportions so was never crowded
when shared with four couples with eight kids in total.
Tying the shoulder of pork - we used fencing wire as the flesh can fall apart as it cooks and make a mess.
All Trussed up, and nowhere to go.
It was strangely erotic quite interesting amongst all that naked flesh and pinkness.
Can't live without them, simple, fluffy potatoes with a crispy baked edge.
Some rustic colour made for sweetness
His beguiling smile made the meal all the more enjoyable.
And they just went round and round, with the smell of rendering fat and sizzle noises.
The secret to crisp crackling is drying the fat as much as possible and salting it.
His hands moved swiftly, whilst we made slurping noises lisping saliva from our lips.
The Spit Roast is a handmade stainless steel beastie that travels well and makes get together an event.  Was a great weekend and thanks to everyone for being good company - is back to reality for now.

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