Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Simple Life Crossroads

Taking the road less travelled has had its moments. Both Good and Bad. Right now I'm on the cusp of a major change, but the fear has me momentarily frozen.

When I dropped out of law school and rejected what I saw as the meaningless culture of networking and career climbing, I knew it would be more challenging than following the herd into the safety of the corporate cage. I was taking a risk, forsaking the chubby comfort of a safe if predictable career path and taking a punt backing myself. Whilst this has worked spectacularly well most of the time, there are, of course, times when things go awry and I need to re-align my life direction. Like now.

But in saying that, there is a distinct difference between us and our friends, who are rushing off on trips and knocking down walls to remodel their houses. But also working seven day weeks and having their children in care most days of the week.
Whilst it can be odd at times, I value the long weekday mornings spent with my children and pottering around in the chicken house after breakfast. We have a mortgage still, but we love this big old house and the big garden is such a great way to share time.
So keeping it simple is working for us, even if it does not have the instantly recognizable status of a new SUV or bragging rights of a holiday to the snowfields.

Our financial expectations have changed in the last couple of years - with two children, our dream house and our business humming along, I have reached a point where I am ready to take the next risky step beyond my comfort zone. Only the question is - which way should I leap?

My research has offered my so many options I am frozen with anticipation and possibility - should I do this or this or this? And making a decision to commit myself wholeheartedly towards a particular path is not the end of the world, but it is the end of the decision process. So I guess I am indulgently basking in the glow of opportunities, and it is indulgent, imagining being one thing one week, then another the very next day. So, I will keep thinking for a bit longer, and going on long walks alone to the beach to discover exactly what it is I am meant to choose.


  1. I didn't notice the difference between us and my friends until facebook. The difference is a lot. I live 1 1/2 hours from Albury in a small town. As you know I don't have free to air TV. So I have been called a hillbilly. They can't cope with my town to start with as we all come from a town of 20,000 to start with, some live in Melbourne now. There is only one other small town between us and Albury. To shop my kids have taken the "mail bus" or take days off school occasionally. I find their lifestyle which was mine until 8 years ago lacking in some ways, ours is exciting as well as limited and people healthier. But I want to go home too lol and I completely understand where they are coming from.

  2. Very interesting read.... To have different possibilities for any decision is a wonderful gift.

    Thank you for saying hi on my blog and introducing yourself. You say your from Newcastle. Is that Newcastle in NSW Australia?

  3. @ Linda - I went a country boarding school and whilst it wasn't exactly isolated there was that feeling of being 'out of the loop' and missing some of the sophistry of the city. But now I just see it as lacking confidence - stay informed and there;s no way you'll be obsolete living in the bush. Thanks for commenting.

    @ Greener Me - Yep, in NSW. The bumper sticker used to say "Newcastle is a dirty industrial city - just ask anyone who hasn't been there."

  4. Thanks Bwendo, I have just added you to my Australian Blog's list on my blog.

  5. This is thought provoking. I like your writing style.

    There's something to look forward to.

  6. I'm ashamed to say this is the first time I've ventured over here despite the fact you became a follower of my blog some time back... life got in the way. Sadly I left Swansea Heads (near Newcastle) a few months ago and alas my beloved garden as well and I have moments where I get incredibly home sick, especially when reading anything Newcastle related. Even though I'd only been there 7 years it really felt like home... perhaps one day I will return.

    Your post resonated with me on many levels. One of my friends from uni and I have been having this dialogue for years... taking the road less travelled, following your heart & financial security are usually mutually exclusive... I'm speaking in the context of my own situation where I have chosen to follow a creative path, to live creatively and try to make it something that rewards me financially as I know it can be done. It hasn't happened yet but then again I haven't poured anywhere near the amount of energy into that it needs but hopefully that is what this time is all about.

    Still, I feel constantly torn, not because I've ever been into the latest shiny gadgets and technology, jewellery or designer clothes. I've travelled enough to satisfy me and know that one day I will do so again... but just wanting that financial security because it will buy the freedom that I seek and allow me to do what I want rather than what I have to. It's a double-edged sword. I'm in the contemplating stage as well, not making any major decisions, loosely knowing what I want (which doesn't fit into a stock-standard 'box'and is therefore not readily available) and just waiting for the opporturnity to present itself... all the while just plodding along, living in the moment.

    I hope you find your answers. I'm now following your blog and therefore your journey.


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